m@d news | December 2019

December 2019

Wishing everyone a safe, fun-filled holiday season, and  a restful Christmas! EXMSS is now trading as M@D (massey@distance). These changes have already started on web and social media. We look forward to hitting 2020 with projects crafted for distance students and a focus on emotional connection for all distance students. 2020 is going to be a super-successful year for M@D and we want to take you all with us.

M@D welcome to Jacalyn Clare and Jax Watt:

We are excited to announce and welcome our newest M@D committee members… Jacalyn Clare is a Massey University distance student studying towards a Bachelor of Arts at Mass, with a major in Psychology and minor in Education. She holds a Dipolma of Interactive Design. She has a keen interest in developmental and educational psychology of  children eight and under, and would like to work in a field where she can support vulnerable children during those pivotal years.
Jacqueline Watt Jax finished a Bachelor of Arts at the end of semester two this year, majoring in Social Anthropology and a minor in Rehabilitation Studies. She begins a master’s degree in Anthropology in 2020. Jax ultimate career is working as a anthropologist, as a qualitative researcher, or in a NGO.

Elections announcement:

Visit exmss.org/vote to vote in the EXMSS Elections for EXMSS Directors. This is your chance you to decide who is directing the Massey University distance community, your community. Voting takes less then two minutes and closes midnight, Friday 20th December.  Successful and unsuccesful nominees will be notified as soon as possible. Election results will be posted in the M@D  January 2020 Newsletter. We would like to thank all nominees and everyone that votes in the election.

Summer school students:

You are amazing and inspiring! Try and enjoy your course/s as much as you can and make sure you get outdoors and exercise once a day. It’s said regualrly by many people, but just 30 minutes of at least medium intestisity a day can take you from anxious wreck, to champion status.

Pastoral Care of Students Law

Following the tragic death of a student resident in a university hall in Christchurch, the Government has moved swiftly to legislate a new Pastoral Care Code of Practice for tertiary education providers. This Code broadens and increases the care obligations of tertiary providers towards students – not just students resident in on-campus halls, but also internal, and even distance students. M@D is working with the University to assess the full impacts of this, but it will likely mean distance students having the right to expect better levels of care from the University for their overall wellbeing, and greater protections against discrimination, marginalisation, exclusion, bullying etc, with M@D intensifying its role in sensing trouble areas and facilitating communication with the Uni. If you suspect the University may be neglecting its duty of care towards you, feel free to reach out to us.

Constitution Changes:

A reminder that all Massey Universtiy distance students are now M@D member by default, with the option to opt-out.

 Increasing traffic in summer school paper complaints:

M@D is here to advocate for you if yourself and other students are experiencing problems with your course. Please tap exmss.org/support to file a ticket, or email support@exmss.org.

 M@D Connection Pages:

Check out our new regional project, M@D Connection Pages by tapping here, and follow the page that best suits the region that you live in. Events and catch-ups for your region will be announced on these pages and in the January 2020 newsletter.


Grow your social network for career development by creating a LinkedIn account (if you don’t already have one).  Then follow Massey@Distance on LinkedIn. To start you off, connect with the M@D team by tapping the following links:

Massey Distance Stars:

This is a fun, career developing project to do over Summer, please send the following information and/or a story about your path to distance study to admin@mad.ac.nz. Check out our star page by tapping here. Information needed:
  • Courses/programs you are taking including past and future.
  • What you were doing before Massey, and why you started studying via distance?
  • Describe yourself as a person/family/anything you want to talk about in general…
  • Where you are in the country/world
  • Can you work remotely (a big pull of MDS is that distance students are natives to working remotely and unsupervised)? This does not limit you to that type of work.
  • Areas/subjects you love and are strong in?
  • What career you are looking at and why?
    • Are you looking for work now and if so in what area and capacity? References (you could ask course coordinators etc)?
  • Image of you.
  • Any hashtags you want used and anything else you want added.

From the Manager:

Thanks to everyone in the Massey University distance community for journeying with us on the wild ride that was 2019, from EXMSS to M@D. Despite the tragedy our country face early in semester one, on  15/3, you have all pushed on and achieved, and are now even closer to realising you dream of a degree.

Our distance  community is a community I will  happily brag about and endorse at the Massey University orientation roadshows early in 2020. This is because it is a community to be proud of.  This is the only group that I have ever been part of in an online environement that consistently maintains a courteous yet knowledgeable culture.

I’m sorry to anyone who feels they haven’t gotten a good ride in 2019 and welcome them to contact me on admin@m@d.ac.nz so I can ensure 2020 is much better.

I am on leave from the 20th December 2019 to the 7th January 2020. Please direct urgent queries to President David McNab: mad@president.ac.nz Jacqueline Eade xxxxxx

Thanks and have a merry Christmas

The team at M@D

David McNab, Salla Garam, Jacalyn Clare, Jax Watt, and Jacqueline Eade