massey distance stars

what is M@D stars?

M@D stars is a LinkedIn showcase page that celebrates our distance students amazing graduation/study/career stories. Your story will be unique to you. Your showcase story is uploaded and linked to your LinkedIn profile page. This grows your corporate network and helps your social capital increase.

To view our Massey Distance Stars showcase page tap here

how to become a star?

To become a Massey Distance Star, please email the following information to Mallory at

⭐️Information about the courses/programs you are taking including past and future.

👨‍🎓What you were doing before Massey, and why you started studying via distance?

⭐️Information about you as a person/family/anything you want to talk about in general.

👩‍🎓Where you are in the country/world and can you work remotely (a big pull of MDS is that distance students are natives to working remotely and unsupervised)? This does NOT limit you to that type of work.

⭐️Areas/subjects you love and are strong in?

👨‍🎓What career you are looking at and why?

⭐️Are you looking for work now and if so in what area and capacity?

👩‍🎓References (you could ask course coordinators etc)?

⭐️A clear shoulders-up mage of you.

👨‍🎓Any hashtags you want used and anything else you want added.